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Influencer é muito criticada e quer desistir das redes sociais

Ariella Nyssa, a influencer australiana de 22 anos está a querer desistir das redes sociais devido às criticas que tem recebido devido ao seu corpo.

Este caso ganhou destaque internacional e ela fez um longo texto a desabafar. “Porque é que nos fazem sentir assim só porque não representamos o que consideram um corpo ‘ideal’? Não consigo acreditar que [todo o ódio] tenha ido tão longe e estou com raiva de mim por ter aceitado isso durante tantos anos

Nunca me chateei por causa de comentários raivosos, porque são comuns nas minhas fotografias. Mas esta semana concluí: Porque é que tenho de me habituar a comentários sobre o meu corpo? Estou chocada“, acrescentou.

Preciso de me afastar, acabar com esta tensão e não pensar nisto“, rematou.

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Let’s be real. I’ve had the worst f%*#ing day. Reading through the comments and dms you guys have sent me has honestly brought me to tears. WHY IS SOCIAL MEDIA LIKE THIS. Why are brands trying to make us feel like crap if we don’t represent their “ideal” interpretations of bodies. I actually cannot believe that this has gone on for so long and I’m so angry with myself for accepting this as the norm for years. I’ve had comments over the last few days stating “just because your not hot enough to be a Victoria secret angel you are having whinge” and “you have to have a law degree to be a lawyer, just like you have to have a modelling body to be a model”. Wait… WHAT!? Some of these comments are fucking ridiculous and shows exactly how much impact the industry and social media has on our minds. Who told you what a modelling body is? Who the fuck says what a modelling body is. Shouldn’t we all be represented ? Shouldn’t we all feel beautiful enough to wear clothing from ALL brands. How ridiculous. I didn’t realise how bad all of this was until this week. I didn’t realise the extent that the industry and social media have warped and manipulated our brains into thinking you have to look or be a certain way to LOVE the way you look and be represented in the media. Over 50% of young people have mental health issues and have had suicidal thoughts, and the percentage has gone up since social media has become more prevalent. BRANDS.. take a good hard look at your websites, your clothing, your models. Grow a pair and FIGHT THE INDUSTRY THATS MADE WOMEN FEEL LIKE THIS FOR SO LONG. BE the change. Do it for US. I don’t know how many times I have to say it but; why the f are you trying to put everyone in one or two boxes!! It makes no sense. EVERYONE IS BEAUTIFUL AND EVERYONE DESERVES A CHANCE 🤛🏻 Fight the fucking fight with me 👊🏻👙👗 These are some of my photos that have received the most hate. And you know what’s ironic? They are probably my FAVOURITE out of them all 💁🏼‍♀️🦋

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